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Event Date / times - conversion issues?

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For some time now the Calendar / Events have reflected for me the local time for BG ANZAC but seems messed up re other events:






1. BG ANZAC is correct for me.

2. TGIF which falls on a Saturday for me is incorrect.

3. GefGem, again a Saturday session for me, is incorrect.

4. Kanium, which is a Monday morning session for me, is incorrect.


Do people in other parts of the world have these last three correct and BG ANZAC incorrect?


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I confirm this, there is something wrong in my calendar as well. Every event except TGIF is in correct hour and day, but TGIF takes place in Friday morning (should be Saturday morning, if they are playing Friday nights at US time).

It seems that the calendar doesn't consider the change of date.


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1 hour ago, Sean said:

I just installed the latest version, which supposedly had changes to the calendar.  Can someone please post another screenshot with the messed up calendar entry along with their time zone for reference?


There you are:




No change as far as I can see.


My entries are correct.


Other VU / event entries one "day" early. That is, Kanium should be on a Monday morning and both entries listed as Friday above should be listed on Saturday.


Current Time Zone: LIMA.



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1 hour ago, Sean said:

Can you try making a new event at roughly the same time?  Does it have the same problem?


I guess the issue is that the events I make are fine, for me.


Its the events others make that display the wrong details for me.


E.g. I create a BG ANZAC event - the local time and date for me is correct.


I look at TGIF or Kanium, created by others and the day/time is wrong (i.e. TGIF for me is a Saturday afternoon event and Kanium is an early Monday morning event).


Perhaps can you look at my BG ANZAC entry (0830 GMT) and see if its right for you (Texas equivalent):


Local time conversions: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20221222T0830


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24 minutes ago, Sean said:

That one is right for me.  I added a new one called test.  Does it show up as saturday for you?


That works:




Perhaps there's an issue with the Kanium / TGIF ones since they are ongoing (I don't know if they are or not)?


Each month I create the entries for that month (I manage the last event of the previous month and use it to create similar events), so they are the "correct" time accounting for shifts to/from Summer time, etc.


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7 minutes ago, Abraxas said:

Sorry, but it doesn't work!

I deleted the Friday SBPro-GefGem events and created new event datas for it:


 and as a result in the calendar still the fault:




That is showing up OK for me (0600 Saturday is correct):




The post above looks like it is adjusting from 1900 GMT to 2000 German time?


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33 minutes ago, Abraxas said:

Hi Gibsonm,

"The post above looks like it is adjusting from 1900 GMT to 2000 German time?"

Well, if that's the intention and desire, then that's fine!



I maybe reading it incorrectly but that is what I took from these two parts of your second image:








If the 8:00pm entry is what you made and you are on German time (CET?), then isn't that 1 hour ahead of the 7:00pm GMT part?


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15 minutes ago, Abraxas said:

Yes, it's correct! But if on the event calendar the time shows "08:00 pm", does this mean for everybody 08:00 pm (GMT) or 08:00 pm (LOC)? That's the real question!


It makes a conversion for the reader's time zone.


The entry is for 1900 GMT.


For you that displays as 8:00pm.


For me (see below) it adjusts that to my local equivalent, 0600 Saturday:




Once Sean / Volcano redoes the ones for TGIF from 30 DEC and beyond and Kanium redoes theirs, they will all be correct.


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