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Hi all.

I just preordered the upcoming SB Pro Pe and since seems I have to wait some time to get the sim I would like to know if it would be possible to download somewhere the actual Sim manual as well as the Leo2E, Pizarro and Centauro manuals in pdf.

Since I believe this sim is quite complex I would like to use the waiting time till the sime arrives to get familiar with it.

Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks for the answer.

I will donwload and print those on the page you mentioned.

However I wonder if it would be possible to get the actual ones for the new upgrade and specifically those of the Leo 2E, Pizarro and Centauro that are not avalaible on the downloads page.

The sim manual on this page is from 2007. Are the new versions much different? reading this 2007 manual would give me the proper info without confusion with the new version?

Thanks again :)

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The printed manual is intentionally light on details, as with an evolving product such as SB these would rapidly become outdated or redundant.

We are currently making a series of vehicle pages on the Wiki, but the new vehicles have been a moving target so some details have only recently been determined. I'm planning to finish the Leopardo 2E page, and then add pages for the CV90/40B & C and the Pizarro.

The best way to learn the vehicles is to actually run the tutorials - the briefing notes are available through the map page (F5) during the mission, so you can refer back to the instructions and check procedures as you go.

The Centauro is currently not crewable, and can only be controlled from the external views, although it is intended to implement crew positions for the Spanish at some future date however as I understand it. You will have manual driving commands, can order move-to commands with the various 'tactics' attached, can order the crew to 'observe here' , or to fire suppressive fire in a particular direction (or at a specific point) by using the map view, or by using a context menu and clicking into the 3d world. If the AI can see a valid target within the general area of observation during a suppressive fire mission they may engage this first, if suitable weapons are available.

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