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turn off the win 11 frame in the game?


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In regular windowed mode, there is no such option (at least not yet, and it's going to be difficult since a left-click and drag to move a moderless window wouldn't work, since the left click is our switch to toggle the mouse between point mode and camera control).

However, this video mentions a method for a fullscreen borderless window:


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it's sufficient to just add --fullscreenwindow AFTER the closing quotation mark of the full path in the Target field, e.g.


Target: "C:\Programs\Steel Beasts\Release\SBPro.exe" --fullscreenwindow



This is not what you should actually put into the Target field, just to illustrate where the quotation marks and where the command line parameter go.


Also, you don't set a resolution. The borderless window simply/only uses the resolution of your desktop.

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Mistakes I made: I forgot  setup in SB menu from full screen to window full screen!+++
Your setting works now, the Win11 frame has disappeared! Now I can jump from one monitor to another with the mouse! I have to test this in multiplay now!+++
Before SB is frozen in multiplay! When I jumped back to the game from Teamspeek! (I was there in full screen, not in Win11 mode)!+++

Thanks :)

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