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Range autocannons 2S6 Tunguska


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As noted in the wiki: "The "Range" column indicates a given round's "maximum effective range" and the cutoff range for AI engagements, not the round's maximum possible range. This value is derived from published data representing such factors as tracer burnout (small arms and HMG), ballistic computer limitations, or the round's performance degrading below the 50% probability of hit/kill threshold."

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6 hours ago, -Sperber- said:



as i saw in the sce editor that the range of the autocannons of the 2S6 Tunguska is only 1500m at max.

Is the rangfe really that low and if not will the range be fixed?





Not sure if the number is accurate, but there's a world of difference between how far a round will fly and its effective range.


e.g. the APFSDS round we fired from the 105mm L7 gun on Leo 1 effectively engaged targets out to roughly 2,500 - 3,000m.


However the safety distance for a range shoot was 21,000m, basically how far it would travel if nothing got in its way.

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This is a somewhat academic debate anyways since the Tunguska, IRL, as far as I remember, may no longer fire its guns after some of them set themselves on fire in live fire exercises (which I find totally believable if you're looking at the kind of flames shooting out of the spent brass chute at the rear of the external gun mounts). Given the relatively recent footage on youtube, maybe that was a temporary measure and they managed to get this under control.


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