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Greetings from SB Generals,

About Us.

Some of you may already know SB Generals started off as a virtual unit around 6 months ago with just a small handful of players that were on teamspeak. We were small back then but since then we have built up a team of keen dedicated players. Our number one goal is to enjoy steel beast pro as much as possible and to have fun online. We currently have over 25 members, half of them being fully active members.

Spirit of Team Play,

One of the great things in being in a virtual unit is that you have some form of structure in your games. Its not about winning or losing but to enjoy the team spirit of play, working as a team, supporting each other against overwhelming odds and to practice true comradeship.

Joining a virtual unit will increase your gameplay within steelbeast, it will offer you a new experience unlike single player , or playing online pickup game, that can sometimes be difficult to find.

Our Team Structure,

When we play online, we play with structure in our games. We have fixed units, and teams. We respect the chain of command, and listen to peoples ideas and views. Members will all have an opportunity to take the commander role to improve their command and control skills and to improve leadership.

The planning phase of each battles are important to us as well as the AAR debriefings.

Having access to the our forums, members will know which maps they be playing and what units they be in command of before the game starts, this will help greatly with the planning phase and saves alot of time on who has what questions before a game starts.

What we can offer you?

SB Generals are always looking for new members to join our ranks. Whether its armour or recon units you wish to participate in, there are always positions available for you.

As a new member to SB generals, you be assigned to a company and will work your way up through a chain of command.

We currently have a simplified chain of command and ranking system with the idea of stars and ranks. Your duties and the number of battles you play will have direct effect on your rank.

We also have a ladder system that is based on your kills and ratings, which is automatically uploaded to our webpage which can be easily viewed


We do not force members to use proper realistic comms, nevertheless if you wish to use them, you are welcomed to. We wish to combine fun and realistic gameplay and dont want to force comms rules on anyone.

With the feature of commander channel on teamspeak, we are able to reduce comms to a more realistic level.

When do we play?

Our training/game times are on Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm GMT.

Nevertheless we are usually on teamspeak most nights, so come and join us for some online games.

We do a combination of H2H and co-op Scenarios.

I am also please to announce that we now have the ability to host more than 8 players on our servers. Stay tuned for future events held by us in the coming weeks.

SB Generals challenges and online VU battles.

As a virtual unit, SB Generals play regular with Panzerbattalion 911 (German Virtual Unit) every Wednesday on a weekly basis. Turnout is very good, and both virtual units have learnt a great deal from each other. I would like to thank them for hosting games with us, and letting us use their servers when we had problems with the 8 player limit in the past.

Future of SB Generals.

Our hope is to play with other Virtual units in the near future for some friendly matches, either in co-operation scenarios or H2H matches. An online campaign is in the works, and we hope to announce it in the near future.

More details are on our forums.

Many Thanks

General Billy


SB Generals Homepage.


SB Generals Introduction Movie,

Our virtual friends and allies.

German Speaking Community

Panzerbattalion 911


French Speaking Community



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As I bean in this VU sense the start.I love it.As I see it, its the only VU to be in.There is no other VU that works hard to play games.Working together in games took a while,then it came together,a solid unit.But sometimes it`s slides apart and must be fixed.Nevertheless I am glad joined,we need more new members.

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I've been in the VU since the very beginning - and I must say we've come a long way since the foundation. We had our ups/downs - but we always managed to get over things and improve the VU for the better and to learn from our mistakes. We've seen and experienced a lot of things together since the start, which played a big role in getting us together as a real UNIT. I'm proud to be a member of this VU - see you on the battlefield!

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No problem Hedge. we are always ready to help new players to get of on a good start.

Same way i started, joined TS and Billy were there in less than 2 seconds and i was introduced for SB online, we had some games where i sat as gunner only, and it was a very good way to begin.

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SB Generals shall be hosting an weekly event every saturday at 7pm GMT.

This event will be open to all the community to join. An 8 players limit will not be a problem.

An AAR shall be recorded, and possible some movies made on it.

The weekly event shall focus on fully crewed vehicals or platoon level scenarios. The scenarios we shall be using will be from the community or from our members. Although this will be hosted by us, we shall not enforce any rules or styles of play in those scenarios. Scenario information will be posted before the event, regarding units and mission tasks.

We hope to see an combination of North America and European players to attend this event and have as much fun as possible.


General Billy

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