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Route condition-Embark if full fuel

Fighting Irish
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I`m having trouble getting my computer-controlled Leopard 2 unit to embark on a new route after it gets refueled. I`m using embark if- Unit xx is Full Fuel. The tanker refuels the tanks from xx% to 100% but the tanks never embark on the new route once they reach 100%. What am I missing? I have a second conditional timer set to 10mins and that works. I`ve attached the mission file.



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@Fighting Irish


Sorry waylaid by some unplanned Christmas Eve visitors.


I think its to do with you manually setting the initial fuel level to 60%.


I set the initial fuel level to 100% and it happily embarked on the conditioned route requiring full fuel.


I suspect the AI thinks the fuel level is somehow still at the initial 60%.


I'll try and build a work around for it.


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1. I removed the Hold tactic at waypoint 12.


2. I manually Refueled from 60 to 100% and it took 4 minutes.


3. I created a region called "Resupply"


4. Both 1A and the HEMTT will "Embark if ..." 1A remains in the Resupply region for 4 minutes.


The tank arrives, waits for 4 minutes, while refueling and then moves off having satisfied the condition of being in the location for 4 minutes (as opposed to the Fuel state being "Full"). The HEMTT also moves off since the tank is full as opposed to waiting 10 minutes.


Let me know if you'd like me to explain it in greater detail.


Merry Christmas!




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Hi Gibsonm,

Sorry for the late reply. Got caught up in Christmas stuff. Thanks for helping me out. I got it to work. Your idea about being set to xx% fuel in the ME got me thinking. I changed the distance the unit had to travel so when it arrived at the refueling point the level was less than what was set in the mission editor. If the % was less than the ME level it refueled and moved on with the embark if - full fuel.


Thanks again 

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