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SBProPE-GefGem 13jan23

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*Friday the 13rd (awesome...!)


STARKE WEHR 1986 (or) 1989


It's an old scenario made by Eisenschwein(t). I've updated it 1-2 years ago and now i re-updated it one more time into a company scenario.


1986 Version is with the Leopard 1A3 (AS1)

1989 Version is with Leopard 1A5


3 Tank platoons + CO (13 tanks)

The DELTA (Marder) plt is scripted.


Duration 100min


Map: Hannover-Weserbergland 2022


Mission: Recce-mission for the ALFA plt to south east & move out by order to the company. Then the entire 3rd tank company will start the delay from the SL till the VRV.

The 2nd tank company will arrive in 20min and will stay at the VRV.



ALFA plt




+ supply units (1 ARV, 1 medic, 1 AmmoTruck)




 - - - - - - - - - - - 

Just in case if I'll be the CO again. I just made a plan for this scenario.

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I will gladly join. Its always a pleasure to attend your events.

Is there anyone from the "Englisher Panzer Zug" who wants to lead the platoon? If not, then I would like to volunteer.

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1 minute ago, Colebrook said:

I think i can make it, You are starting in 20 min right?

That is correct.

I'm not sure yet, I have plans afterwards, might need to leave earlier. I'm still debating whether it's worth it for the time I have.

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