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Can´t save Delta map

Storm of steel
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I trying to modify and expand the "Wolfsburg_Dahlum" map and create a Delta Map when I get the following error:

"ERROR: Exception trying to save a new map package: 'Not enough disk space!

This map may require up to 58.60GB on the drive that hosts the operating system's temp path, available HDD space is 26.78GB!"


It is correct if I want to save the delta map on C:, which I do not want to. Both the game and map directory is on my D: (Free space 429 GB)

I have also checked the Options/File Paths menu that shows "D:/Steelbeasts/Maps".

I unistalled and then reinstalled the game as well ( and made sure to control in Options/File Paths menu that the file path still is "D:/Steelbeasts/Maps", which it is!)


And now I´m out of ideas what to do! I there any other config file where you have to change/override filepaths ?


Best regards!

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I suspect that the Windows operating system tries to allocate temporary disk space on C:, prevents Steel Beasts from doing so, and that this then throws the error that you see. I could imagine that shifting the %TEMP% variable in Windows to your drive D would make the error go away. But this is just speculation on my part.


To investigate properly: Please launch Steel Beasts in "debug mode", try to save a map as a new delta to produce the error again, then send me the resulting log file. Please note,




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