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How to control font size?


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Looks like scaling issue. Please check  in Windows Settings:
-Accessibility> Text Size
-System> Display> Scale

If any of those settings(especially Text Size)  have some abnormal values well above recommended defaults, then in theory you might get in to troubles with font size in SB.

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Occasionally things could be improved if using "odd" values such as 149 or 151% rather than 150, though you may want to pick something lower like 125%. If values the work in Steel Beasts make the rest of your Windows too fine in print, the alternative would be to create a second (local) user account where you set the desktop resolution to something like 1920x1080 or even just 1280x720, or similar, and then to start Steel Beasts at those resolutions (our GUI is optimized for 1280x720; in version 5 we'll be a lot more flexible, but that's still a good ways off).

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