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Air defense sync issue


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During a large scale event of about 30 people, all local on the same network, there seems to perhaps be a sync issue with the 2s6.


In the start of the scenario, the 2s6 kan easily kill UAVs, but after an hour or two it fires all missiles against UAVs and scoring hits without a kill. The UAV-pilot was looking at the 2s6 but could not see it tracking or fireing. Is this a known issue? What steps can be taken in order to keep all clients synced throughout a 6 hour operation?

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v.4.1-4.2 had known issue with air defence systems failing  to apply proper lead against  UAVs. It was addressed  in v4.3, and if  you are using this version, then  case requires  some investigation, especially if  network desynchronization is suspected. By the way, it would be good to know if there were any frame rate drops below 25fps, when issue with failure to hit target was observed.

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