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Kanium Sunday 05Feb23 scenario

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Its a suggestion for the next kanium session, and this thread is basicly testing the water on how the interesst for such a mode of play would be...so leave a comment on wether you'd join or not please.


I want to set this up as a training mission, in the hopes to encourage more players to apply for the "66er" job or PL positions.

The difference to normal Kanium sundays would be that the 1st half of teh scenario is more "scripted".

- enemy positions are known better

- planning/and conduct organized beforehand

- briefing will include some explaination on how to assess the situation, what actions blue takes and why...


Players will crew the units of 2./203 (B company) and 3./212 (C company)

I'll be playing C66 and "A66"






Auszug aus dem Befehl des Bataillonskommandeurs für den ...

1) Lage(Situation):
    a) Feind(enemy):
        Enemy MechBN 4011(+/-) is defending the line LACHENDORF-BEEDENBOSTEL-HÖFER. with 3 Mechcompanies abreast, one tank company in reserve near ELDINGEN.
                    ENEMY Regimental reserves are positoned in area of WITTINGEN-DIESDORF (rough 60 minutes to reach BEEDENBOSTEL area when activated)
                    During the night of 07Feb93, 3rd company MechBN 4011, has been pushed out of LACHENDORF, remanents (1 MechPlt(+)) established a hasty defence in AHNSBECK.
                    ENEMY will most likely try to contain our breaklthrough ar LACHENDORF with elemts of 3./4011 and the BN AT-platoon  in order to counterattack with the BN and Rgts reserves to destroy OWN units in the area of LACHENDORF
    b) Eigene(OWN):
        PzGrenBN 212(+/-) has been with 2 companies abreast between BEEDENBOSTEL and LACHENDORF
                    5./212 (E), has pushed the enemy to east of the LACHTE and taken die outskirts of BEEDENBOSTEL and binding 2./4011 in that area
                    4./212 (D) has destroyed most of 3./4011 in LECHNDORF and forced a crossing over the LACHTE.
                                         4./212 currently reorganizing and evcuating casualties...
                    2./203(B)...currently behind 4/212
                    3./212(C)...currently behind 4./212

2) Auftrag(mission):
           Intent of PzGrenBN 212(+/-) is to switftly cross the LACHTE, neutralize remanets of 3./4011 as precondition for futher attack towards ELDINGEN
                 and quickly taking the terrain/ridgelines around AHNSBECK with 2 companies IOT defeat the enemy Rgt counterattack  

3) Durchführung:
                       3.a) Intent of PzGrenBN is to swiftly push over the LACHTE with 2 companies, and establish advantageous defensive
                               positions before ENEMY can develop its counterattack...
                      3.b) Einzelaufträge/tasks to subordinate units:
              - 2./203(B): - cross LACHTE after C,
                                           - establish support by fire for C's attack on AHNSBECK
                                           -  destroy enemy AT paltoon together with Arty
                                          -  take BP BII on order
                                          - Defend BP BII against enemy counterattack  
         - 3./212(C) - crosses LACHTE immediatly
                                           - takes AHNSBECK and neutralizes remanents of 3./4011 in the town
                                           - takes BP CII
                                           - BPT support B's attack with fire and secure the right flank of B's attack
                                           - Defend BP CII against enemy counterattack
                    -4./212(D) - finish reorg and resupply NLT...
                                         - take over as BN reserve
                                         - BPT  reenforce.... block....   
                    -5./212(E) - keep attacking  positions in BEEDENBOSTEL IOT fix 2./4011
                                         - if possible push through 2./4011 position adn countinue attack towards JARNSEN
                    -6./212(F) AT Plt: -overwatch crossing of B/C
                                         - after AHNSBECK is taken, move into BP right of C IOT secure the right flank...
                                         Mortar paltoon: - overwatch crossing of B/C
                                                                     - overwatch C moving into attack positions
                                                                     - blind /suppress enemy in AHNSBECK during approach/assault....

4) Unterstützung, Unterstellungen und Abgaben/CS/CSS, attachments/detachments:
    a) Artillerie/fire support:
        - 1 plt(5 tubes) mortars of 6./212
                   - 1 battery (6 tubes) from ArtBN(L) 325
    b) Versorgung/CSS:
         all units at 100% class III/class VI
    c) Unterstellungen / Abgaben(attachments/detachments):

5) Führung und Fm-Wesen/C2:




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(note: have to adjust the company names in the briefing to match KANIUM callsigntemplate...)


H66("HICOM") Grenny





A11 Higgs

A12 Raven434.





A21Lumi (+ crew)


A23 Connaugh



(B3)(Marder1A3)(optionally crewed)



B66(Marder1A3) Grenny


B1(Marder 1A3) (KT/WIGLIF/SNOGGY)...Who does what?






B2 (Marder1A3)






A3 (Leo2A4)







E3(M113 FO Mortars)/R2 (M113 FO Arty)


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  • Grenny changed the title to (proposal for)Kanium Sunday 05Feb23 scenario


Greetings Gentlemen.

I want to develop this scenario as a show case for a "correct" (or better: a suitable) application of basic SoP.


When planning for a scenario as the 66, what you basicly have to do is achieve these "fight phases".




(Figure 1)


This abstract (Thanks to Revenant  for providing it...check out: https://discord.com/channels/794340220848832533/957974831868051537  ) is basicly the target picture where you want to get to.

Now we have to translate THIS into  tasks and timing for your subunits (in our case usually platoons and support elements)


 We will include:

- a short terrain analysis


- how to plan for movement

- how plan fire and movement between the platoons....

- and how to supplement/enable these movemens and fires with Supprt assets (namely Mortars and Howitzers)....


1st: Lets look a bit at the terrain and the confirmed enemy....


A good tool for the is the LOS check in SB....here you can easily judge the possible engagement ranges from certein positions



Figure 2



Figure 3


Figure 2 and 3 show the LOS check from the BP of the enemy AT platoon on the ridge to the north of our AO



Figure 4



Figure 5


Figure 4 and 5 show the LOS check for the BP of the Mechplt(+)


So basicly we have 2 overlapping engagementareas in the center, split by the small rise between LACHENDORF(own positions) and AHNSBECK(area of ZZC)



Figure 6


The Mech Plt is also able to provide limited cover to the south (shorter range..."EA2"))


Figure 7


The terrain permits engagements ranges of 2500 to 3000m in the center.

And between 500-1000m to the south.


The enemy has 6 ATGM systems (3x BRDM-2AT and 3(less capable) on the BMP2s) as well as 2 tank canons on the T-80s to cover this.


The center open area, is the terrain that allows for a quick assault/manovre of our tanks company IOT to push our offensive toward EHLDINGEN (to the north-east)


So RED will most likely try to stop us and degreade our combat power, with crossing fires into that terrain....


Next point: What are we going to do about that....


(update 02feb23)

Well, what  we need to do is simple.

Have a look again a Figure1...center, the "platoon fight". This is the situation we want to create.

The firepower of all our callsigns bearing down on a (preferably disorganized) OPFOR at once.


The AO allows basicly for 3 routes towards our Objective(s):


Figure 8


The Approach (purple Fig  8 ) is given by the bridge.

Then we have the possible attack routes blue, orange and black....


Given our force setup, we will use them all.


Key now is to coordinate the timing and tasks on this 3 routes in a way that we can achieve our desired effects (see again, fig 1)


We will be able to move rather quickly and in cover up until the thick black line, see figure 9



Figure 9


Every movement to the east of that need to be covered by own fires. Direct or indirect.


The tank company will have the northern sector, where their guns are of the most use, and where they have a good combat value against the AT platoon.

(As the combat ranges in ~2500 in a frontal engagement)



Figure 10

In the southern sector, the Mechcompany and their attached tank plt, can operate.

With tank covering the open ground and supressing  ZZC...the Grenadierplatoons approaching trough the forest and  and assaulting ZZ2.


So, point is: once the tanks are out of cover, they dominate the open areas...and can provide fire support and cover for the Grenadiers to strike.

Yet, when the tanks break cover at the black line (figure 9), they are the most vulnerable against a prepared enemy.


Here is where BN assessts come into play!! The AT platoon the enemy assets at ZZ2  MUST be suppressed by indirect fire for teh tansk to effectively move out.


The task for "66" is therefor: get you callsigns into cover along the black line...announce supressive artillery fire as trigger to break cover... and then let them do their job.



TBC with a little bit more detail on how to structure the mechInf assault...






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  • Grenny changed the title to Kanium Sunday 05Feb23 scenario

I intend to come. Hopefully with crew. I'd like to reserve one  2A4 for Team Saber. At this point i am not sure what role in platoon. As my crew may want to. Try platoon leading and i may end up doing crew role. We're flexible either way. 

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30 minutes ago, Nike-Ajax said:

Put me down as a maybe ... off on exercises all weekend, so dont know exactly when I am back and how tired I am ...

Beeing tired in the virtual turret, adds a layer of immersion/realism 😉


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