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Start-up problems shortly after updating to 4.3

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Hello, recently updated to 4.3 and everything started fine.


However, today I get this error message every time when trying to start. Have tried reboot, have tried dongle to different USB slots, have tried reinstalling SB Pro PE. Same error if starting older version of SB Pro PE. My CM stick is from a really old batch, 1-10....... from somewhere ~2006 or so.




I think it is not 'Avast!' because I tried to shut it down totally - the same error msg persists.


I think even the licenses should be OK on the stick. The lower "ESIM GAMES" shows "empty CM container" but I understand the licenses are in the upper.






In WebAdmin, the whole license history from 3.0 onwards shows just fine:



Any idea what the reason could be?


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Thank you very much for your support of our work over the last 15 years, we really appreciate it!

Also, I'm sorry that you experienced trouble. You seem to have fallen victim to a bug in the CodeMeter runtime software (if you're on Windows 11, note the "Error 38" entry in the event log - you didn't do anything wrong). A patch was announced by Wibu Systems for January - but it seems delayed. Once that we receive the patch from Wibu Systems we'll prepare an update for Steel Beasts.

As soon as the update is available, please install it, then get in contact with me so I can create a ticket to restore your licenses. If you subscribed to our webn shop's newsletter, you will receive an automatic notification of the availability of updates. If you haven't, please check this forum or the eSim Games homepage for news about the release of the update.

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If you have that specific "Error 38" you'll need my help; the update alone won't fix it (just help that it won't happen again).

Please plug in all CM sticks in your possession (if you have any), then run CmDUST for the diagnostics, and send me the resulting log file "CmDust-Result.log" in an email attachment.

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