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Common Gunner control (Y-Axis/Inverted)

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I have a flight sim set and wanna try out joystick controls for the gunner, which are surprisingly more convenient and more precise compared to the mouse controls (hall effect sensor joystick). However, can you guys tell me how the most common MBT control IRL are inverted or not? Meaning, how the Y-Axis would be configured: pulling/pushing or twist back/forward.

Of course it is mostly up to muscle memory and practice, but I am interested in how it is usually done.

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25 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

Alt+J or Shift+J will invert the Y axis at any moment in SB Pro (the other re-centers a drifting signal).

If in doubt, search the Controls dialog (Alt+C) for "joyst".

Good to know, but not what not not the answer I am looking for 😉

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