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CPU/GPU utilization

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It's been mentioned that SB is CPU intensive and I wanted to observe how much so with comparison to GPU usage and what not. With an AMD overlay showing various hardware metrics I ran a busy SB scenario. What I observed surprised me. Given the choppy framerate, I expected either the CPU or GPU to be bottlenecked, yet neither appeared anywhere near max utilization. In which case, why am I not seeing fps closer to 60 and not 12-30?


SB settings:

Display 1440, 24bit

Graphics settings at default



Ryzen 5700X

Radeon RX 6800 XT


NVME storage




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I suspect that the tool you're using doesn't show the saturation of individual cores of the CPU, but just the total load. Which is misleading, obviously. If on an eight-core machine the CPU load is 12.5%, most likely that means that one core is operating at maximum load.


The next obvious question is, why don't you use parallelization more?

Because it's hard to add that as an afterthought to a software project. You either build it in from the start, or you can parallelize only certain parts (like, scenario loading, road leveling in the map editor). Which is one of the reasons why we're developing a completely new software architecture for version 5.

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