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Patch V 4.377 only?


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@Ssnake Another question.  Does..  users performance in steelbeast affect to what packets are send?  Could it be that drastical frame rare issues magnify the effect of anomalies on multiplayer?  


I have heard complains of momentary freezes from 2 seconds up to almost 5 minutes in some extreme cases. Is it that during those times packets are not send?  and False or dublicate information from Client in session might..   cause  even false reports of units that are not there? 


And if so  could redusing graphic settings be viable way to ensure more smooth, less buggy multiplayer experience to everyone? 

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Such long freezes should never happen, but I must say that I don't remember any of our beta testers to report anything like this, ever. Obviously, if the computer is nonresponsive, all bets are off what's happening that shouldn't, or what's not happening that should, with the resulting uncertainty of what the outcome might be.

That being said, obviously, my recommendation is to make sure in the Graphics and Detail settings that you always get the highest possible framerate in any situation while still having the image quality that you are (barely) able to tolerate. Personally, I keep the ground clutter level at about 20% as one of the biggest performance savers. Yes, I want to be informed about the type of ground I'm about to travel on (and the ground clutter provides an important visual clue) - but my personal ambition ends about there. I understand that my preferences aren't everybody else's, which is why we have options. Still, a high and stable framerate north of 45 is a goal that I recommend.

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