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Problems with playing SB (and only SB) over RadminVPN

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I've been trying to host steel beasts to play with a friend from the states (michigan) over radminVPN to avoid the hassle that is port forwarding. I live in europe (germany), and other people from the states i can play just fine with over radmin, but not him. When we try, our ping to one another goes through the roof (2000+) but, other games over radmin like world in conflict or SWAT 4, he and I can play just fine with no latency issues.
 is there any reason for this? is it possible to fix? We have suspicions that it might be network issues with SB or possibly ISP issues even, but don't have a way / don't know how to verify that hypothesis. 

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17 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

I don't know anything about this particular VPN service, so I am simply not qualified to comment on the matter.

For what its worth, we've tried with Hamachi as well to no effect. 

I guess the question is, does SB utilize any particular network options or anything of the sort to connect to peers/hosts when compared to other games? 

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I really don't think so.

I'll ask one of our more network-qualified developers to check this thread, but don't expect miracles from that. It may be useful to set up a network session with your friend, where both of you start SB Pro PE in "debug mode" (see the Windows Start Menu/eSim Games - Steel Beasts Pro/Troubleshooting folder), and then after a quick game session you exit Steel Beasts and collect the corresponding debugLog.txt files from each machine for inspection.

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I have found a solution that works for me and my friend. 

I decided to go ahead and port forward and have him connect to me via IP instead of virtual LAN, and he and I were able to play with one another with no issues. 

I suppose that for anyone who finds this thread in the future that is having the same troubles as I was, attempt to port forward and host that way instead of using RadminVPN/Hamachi.

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