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Can we have memory topic going?

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In short, share your memories or experiences about being tank crewman. If you have questions for tankers, you can share them too.


Few of my own memories are waking up in the morning, putting on my oily and sweaty tanker overalls and making MRE by putting cold water in, sealing the bag and placing the MRE atop of engine exhaust. Soon I had a very good and hot MRE ready.


Another on is choosing a "alternative" route and encountering a suspiciously flat area in middle of winter. When driving over it, the ice broke, and we got one MTLBv stuck in icy and swampy pond. Well, I led my tank to air cover out of the way, driving over a skilane in the process. Threads messed up the skilane very well, and after this our trainer notified that one of the biggest ski competions in Finland was few days away- using the same lane that I just destroyed. 

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POS? But being a MTLB crewman is comfy, tank has literal leather couches at the back for sleeping. Of cource tank is tiny and made in soviet union, so ergonomics are not good at all. And transmission is unsyncronized, so driver has to know what he is doing. 


And maintainance is pain, for prevously mentioned reasons. Transmission adjustments especially. 



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Heating C-rations in the field by either putting them in the exhaust stream of the personnel heater, the hot air vent in the turret, or burning the box while the can was inside. 


Hot breakfasts brought out by the 1st Sargents.  


That glorious hot shower provided for us by the unionized Dutch Army (on a weekend) after being in the field for 30 days.


Being the gunner during gunnery.


Hitting a 2000+ meter target with the first round while on the move.


Pulling three 88s and two M60A1s out of the frozen muck at Hohenfels.


Etc, etc, etc...

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1 hour ago, Ssnake said:

Said to have very good characteristics on snow, or swampy terrain, though.

does have very good mobility on any terrain, MTLBv can cross open swamp and snow means nothing. But this time the ice broke in such way that rear part of tank dropped in pond, so tracks did not get traction to pull itself out. We solved it by attaching spikes (soviet hardened steel spikes that are bolted straight to tracks) and the tank got out using its own power. I remembered that I have picture of this, hopefully it uploads. 


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