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M60A3 network session issues

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Just FYI:


A pretty significant network bug was fixed today that took about a week to track down and eliminate and it was one of the main issues holding things up on a patch release. The bug caused network sessions to get spammed with messages which would cause the network to because overloaded, and eventually crash the HOST. This was caused by the M60A3 (either version), and it came from the fix to Bug 11295 (in the release notes).


This is not something specifically reported in the community as far as I know, but is something we discovered (from both of last week's TGIF scenarios).


In the mean time, please avoid playing Network Session scenarios with an M60A3 (TTS or otherwise) for now (single player is fine). 


We should now be at a point where a patch can be released soon with that wrapped up, but it will probably be next week to be able to do some final checks (and we want to get that T-55 binocular fix in there too).  But let's see if all things go smoothly.  In any case, if you play a network session scenario without the M60A3 until the patch, then it should run fine.

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