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Error message when I try to start up SB

Wax Savage

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Hi Guys,


I uninstalled v4.363 then installed latest version (v4.377). After startup and in a scenario, SB v4.377 seemed not to display some skins so I thought the display problem may be the new version. As a test I uninstalled v4.377 and reinstalled the prior version to see if the prior version would correctly display the skins. Now I cannot even get SB to fire up. When I try to execute SB I get this message....


Error! Unhandled exception!

Could not look up folder ID (5), error 0x80070003


Help please.

Wax Savage

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Some questions that may be helpful for others later. 


What method of installing you used? Bundle installer or separate file method? 


Do you possibly have a custom shortcut created for SB?


Did you try to start SB from exe files found from installing location? 


Did you try to start it in debug mode? I believe that to do so there is another Exe file at installing location named debug?    In debug folder




Those skins Steelbeast wasn't displaying. We're those mods in a mod folder? 


And those were vehicle skins right? 





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Yeah, please try to start Steel Beasts in "debug mode", then send me the log file for review (by email). You can of yourse check the log file yourself to see which folder, specifically, is missing. Maybe you remember what happened to it.



While I usually do not advise it (and certainly not as the first step in troubleshooting cases), this definitely looks like a case for an uninstallation, followed by a clean re-install.

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