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SB Pro version 5

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18 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

That question is a level of detail I'm not ready to answer at this point.

Not against such a feature, but certainly not a question that makes me lose any sleep at night.

I admire your patience not to go full-on Drill Sgt. due to such a generic title for such a specific question.

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will version steel beasts 5 have some quality of life improvements?



DCS for example recently got multithreading support out. ( other features planned like DLSS and vulkan API)   It runs much better now because  as  it implies now you can take advantage of computational tasks being spread over multiple cores and threads versus 1 core having to pull all the heavy weight and bottlenecking other hardware like the GPU. I saw my performance jump from like 55-65ish frames to 120 frames in some modules. 

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