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SBProPE-GefGem 12may23: "ULSTER Ride"

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Hi together!

 Next Friday we have the new scenario "ULSTER-Ritt / Ride"

It's a meeting engagement:

BLUE Bundeswehr: reinf TkCoy 10x Leopard2A5, 4 PUMA (=Ulan)

RED RUS: reinf BMP-Bn BMP-2, T-80 and more!


requested map: WASSERKUPPE

Duration 100 mins


If anybody wants to lead, don't hesitate!

Here some info:


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Unfortunately we only were a total of 9 partipants. Nevertheless, we started this scenario as a test run. With just one loss, we achieved a significant victory.

I've now made some changes to BLUE and RED so we can run this scenario soon. Thanks to all participants: good job!

Attached Gladiator's video of the test run in German. Gladiator was the PL of the PzGrenPlt (C):


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  • Abraxas changed the title to SBProPE-GefGem 12may23: "ULSTER Ride"

Hello men!

 Excellent fight and a deserved big victory against a total of 5 BMP coys, 2 T80-coys, 1 ATM coy and a reinf ArtyGrp of the Regt and HINDs by only 1 inexplicable own loss. Great performance by the PltLdrs! It was fun leading you as CO for 100 minutes!


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