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Problem when adding on map artillery (it does not seem to respond when I call for it)

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I've been fidgeting around with some of my favourite scenarios (smell of cordite in the morning) but for the love of me I just can't get it to work. The mission already has an akatsyia battery on map so I wanted to add a BM-21 Grad with the exact same setup (holding, coil formation, supply, etcetc) but once I call for it (I mean the MB-21) to rain hell on the enemy objectives it will be stuck in the "awaiting confirmation" phase and never complete its mission or prepare to fire. Is there a step I'm missing here?


thank you guys, Steel Beasts is a dream come true, I'm slowly figuring it out

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Can you send me a copy of the scenario (possibly autosaved) where the rocket artillery doesn't fire, possibly after deleting everything that's not needed to demonstrate the case?

Line of sight should not play a role whether an artillery system executes a fire mission, so I'd like our programmers to have a look at this case. You know best how to make it fail.

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