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Any good source to find cutaway figure/ blueprint with annotation for modern NATO tank/self-propoelled artillery?


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Hi guys! May I ask is there any good source (website, books, etc) for annotated cutaway figure /blueprint for modern NATO tank/self-propoelled artillery? (I also recently start building models with full interior and I am really interested to learn the function of each module) Thanks a lot!

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27 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:

Well there are books like "Jane's Armoured Fighting Vehicles", but they tend to be pricey:




Did you have a specific vehicle in mind - the narrower the focus the simpler the choice.

Thanks a lot! Yes Janes book seems to be very expansive : ) I will try to find whether it is available in some library. I am currently really interested in Leopard 2 and M3A3 as I am working on the full iterior model of them. During the search and with the help from other people, I have come across Osprey published New Vanguard series, which have some breif overview for both of them. Do you have any other suggestions for other related sources? Unclassified ones of course : ) Thanks a lot!

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