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I Received the Upgrade


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Sold units still outnumber upgrade packages. That may not be totally surprising as some may have dropped out over the past years and are no longer aware of the upgrade. Others may be waiting for positive feedback from the early adopters.

Hi again

without giving away any business secrets, would it be too much to ask approx how many upgrades have been sent out?


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there are some maps listed that are not included in the disk (this goes for 3.70 & earlier versions; i dont have the new one). i noticed several maps both height and terrain listed on the doc that are not on the disk (3.70). my assumption is that some of those maps are works in progress, incomplete. so, we don't have them yet, but they are tracked on this doc.

Well the Mt Bundey map is allegedly complete as at 12 March, 2005.

Even assuming a US date format that's 3rd December, 2005 so I'd have thought it would be finished by now. :)

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Nice to hear that everyone from Brussels to Bangkok is receiving their upgrade. I ordered mine March 23...still waiting! I live in Toronto. I should "blame it on Canada", I guess. I also suppose that March 23 put my order closer to the back of the line. Of course, having posted this, it'll probably arrive tomorrow. I'll let you know. :)



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Got mine on April 15th, loaded without problems, and got so involved I forgot to post a "Receipt" message. Just have to find the new scenarios now...they gotta be around here somewhere... :Crash:

Got mine yesterday,and it's TGIF 2day. How much more can a person take?:cul:

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