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Question about the game Steel Beasts Professional 4.3

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The Ulan IFV has an Elbit fire control system which may show some similarities to that of some Merkava variants.

The MiniSamson remote weapon station is from Rafael, the E-RCWS is also basen on Elbit technology, there's the Spike missile. All can be directly controlled by a human player.


Beyond that, I have answered all your questions twice, on Tanknet, and by email.

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a. We do not comment on future feature development

b. As a general rule, a specific weapon system gets added when a number of conditions apply simultaneously,

- allocated development time

- access to the system/permission to create a model of it.

These two conditions align easiest if there's a military customer who wants it in Steel Beasts. It's not the only way how this can be done. The number of examples is bigger than the number of vehicles made for Steel Beasts on military request. Still, (legal) access to the vehicle or at least its documentation is an indispensable prerequisite.

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