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Hi all. Having problem with a majority of downloads of new scenarios and with the old classics,

Should i Delete and reinstall? Im thinking i had some older versions hiding stuff around my hard drive.


The screen pic 1 is from new scenario. Num 2 is what i get for most of the older scenarios, even after doing the legacy map download.


Thanks ahead of time guys!

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (4).png

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Older (prior to version 4.1, 2019) scenarios will require some map conversion work.

We created a help thread for this (and there's also a section in the User's Manual about it, in the Map Editor chapter):

Also, this:


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What version are you running?


"B32 Zone Recon - European Farmland v1.1.4" is built for 4.379.


If you don't have 4.379 it wont load.


I suspect you maybe have a version post the 4.1x change in maps but not quite yet at 4.379.


However without knowing the version you have I can't be certain.

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The first error message, failure to rread a scenario file, indicates a different problem. The file path looks very long. Note that white Windows since version XP supports 256 characters for a file name, this includes the whole path. So, it may simply be that the scenario just exceeds that limit.

Or, your current user account has no access rights to that folder (maybe the files still have ownership by a previous user account).

Or, the file is corrupt (less likely, but it does happen).

And then, like Gibsonm wrote, if you the scenario was made in a newer version than the one that you have installed, there would also be this error. The debugLog file might list the exact reason why it failed to open.

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Thanks all for the reply's!

Yup, i didn't know there was a newer version of SB! Still operating on 4.363.

I'll take a look at the Map fix thread. Will start with the new download first.


Thanks Again!

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