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Leopard 2A5 TIS switch

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From the gunners position Eye view, how do you turn on the TIS? I know I can use a hotkey to do that, but is there a physical switch I can toggle from the Eye view? 


The tutorial mentions to toggle the "WBG Ein / Bereit" but it's janky - you can only cycle in one direction between ON / STBY / OFF and there doesn't seem to be a difference between STBY and ON, and when I press the + hotkey in the Eye view I don't see any change.


For example in M1A2, when I toggle the the FLTR/HTR switch manually it works, and when I use the hotkey I can see the switch rotate. 

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"but is there a physical switch I can toggle from the Eye view? "
Its behind and a little above the gunner's sight on the left-hand side. It won't be visible when sitting at the standard view in gunner's position. However you can see it if you look downwards while sitting in gunner's position in F1 mode, press N to "move head down", and then look up. Here.

Screenshot 2023-05-25 201530.png

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8 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

Yeah, N means "lean forward" in 3D interiors, where "forward" is the direction in which you look.

Gotta admit that I just spent 30 minutes leaning and peeking around all sorts of vehicles thanks to this feature :D

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