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1 hour ago, delta6 said:

Is there a way to make roads visible in the frozen snow, winter environment??

Yes, by replacing a theme with some other winter one: load scenario in Mission Editor, then in 'Map' drop-down menu select 'Replace theme' and  pick some other theme. Check result in 3D view,  and save scenario if you like result.

Other option is to  edit existing theme; this one is a bit tricky. Load scenario in Mission Editor,  then in 'Map' drop-down menu select 'Extract theme' and save theme to file. After doing that close Mission Editor and go to Map Editor, open Default Map. save default map as new delta or base package(does not matter really which option you choose). Now load  theme file you extracted earlier for editing by going to 'Theme' drop-down menu and picking there 'Open'. After that- in 'Theme' menu select 'Edit'. Now you are editing extracted theme. In theme editor window check each and every 'Ground type'(all 16 of them),  and  if ground type has 'Is snow' flag set- change  snow on  roads options(under 'Snow depth' slider): select 'No snow on roads' if you want all roads  to be not covered with snow. Once done, click 'Ok' and save   theme- 'Theme'> 'Save as'. Now you need  to go back to Mission editor and replace theme in scenario with edited one.

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