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Fictional Basra-themed map

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several years long- albeit part time- project that i am in the process of wrapping up perhaps by september. the problem is that a significant part of the map is broken, which i explain in the support thread below:


i could upload the map when it is completed, though of course much of the map will not be accessible in a mission, it can only be viewed in the map editor. that said, what is available isn't too bad, though it will look somewhat haphazard, as half of the urban area will look as though it appears out of nowhere in the desert, and some of the river area will likewise look out of place. this map will require esim to evaluate and fix to get the whole thing working- which there is no commitment or timeframe from esim. in the meantime of i could upload what is working and user beware.



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You could create a base map without any terrain features, and then save the current state as a delta map to that base package. And then you publish new delta maps as you make progress, until one day, when you declare your work complese, you save the latest delta into a new base map. Those who want to follow your progress can use the deltas until the day that it's complete, and then replace the old maps in their scenario with the lastest, new base map.

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i was never going to attempt a 1:1 reproduction of the basra area, which would prabably take me several lifetimes. this is map is an amalgamation of varying urban and regional geography into a 10 × 10 km map  are with the goal of also running smoothly (as such i already had to pare down details from my initial plans)

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