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SBProPE-GefGem 25Aug23: "OZELOT"

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Date: 25. Aug. '23

Meeting at 8 PM (CEST)


Attack Scenario of a mixed tank company


Mission briefing has still to be written and some red forces have to be scriped as well. But everything should be done until friday.


Actual situation report:

BLUE is currently in a counter attack and arrived the western area of SCHLENKENSFELD this night.

Our mixed tank company is currently in the assembly area (VfgR) and got the task to continuing the coutner attack to eastern direction and destroy the remaining hostile tanks and infantries.

Red is in the defense and awaiting the blue forces. That means, we have to expect, that the red forces places mine fields and other barriers to stop our attack.

(inspired by ukraine-war)



Manning List:

Minimum 9 players needed)


Chef 2./- (CO) (Leopard2A6)  -


A-Plt:  (Leopard2A6)

A    -

A1  -

A2  -

A3  -


B-Plt:  (Leopard2A6)

B    -

B1  -

B2  -

B3  -


C-Plt:  (Ulan)

C   -

C1  -

C2  -

C3  -


E-Trp (Engineer):

E (TPz Fuchs + Miclic)  -

MrPz Wisent AEV         - 


RED forces are scripted!


*We can call a MedEvac (Helicopter with 2 Medics) as well

*2 Mortars are available we can move forward as well (limited ammo!)

*3 Supply Areas (V1 , V2 , V3) are marked in the map. There u can repair your heavier damages, like the main gun, turret, thermal image device etc. within 30min. But only when u have your maintenance support team (InstTrp) in one of these 3 areas as well!

*No time limit.




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Everything should be done now. Red is fully scripted and the tasks are written too.

There are lots of varieties to make sure, that every start is a bit different than before.


I think it should be playable with only 1 Tank and 1 IFV Plt. The 2nd Tank Plt we can still use as reserve.


No time-limit. Scenario ends when we have taken the OBJ.

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@Gladiator(911) Accidents are fine.


Unfortunately with modern technology its very possible for someone to maliciously edit:


"I'm in the ADF" and "The weather is terrible" (or more colourful language) to create:


Serving Officer claims - "The ADF is terrible".


Then I spend 6 months buried in paperwork.


So just easier to stay mute.

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