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RIP Swordsmandk

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Hi you all i have sad news

For those of you that knew Mikkel Neess or swordsmandk then i have to tell you that he has died in the hospital last night 
RIP Mikkel you where much to young to die.  
He leaves his vife and 2 kids.
He died of a heart attack

He was also one of the founding members of Kanium.
If i am in the wrong place for this then please move this to the correct place

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I'm very sad to read this bad news!

We all have to go at some point. We don't know: when, where  or how, but it's always too early!

I will always remember him fondly: rest in peace comrade!

My condolences to his family: may they cope with this early loss!

In mourning

Abraxas (Bernt)

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No words can express the sadness this news brings.

I was fortunate to meet him several times and talked and chatted with him regularly. He was a good man, a good father and a good buddy to play with.

He not only created Kanium but created joy, with his scenarios but for countless others with his legendary food.

May he rest in peace and I wish his family and children all the best in what must be an impossible moment of grief and sorrow.

He was too young, too good and too nice to leave us all so soon.

In the words of the Havamal, because my words are failing me:

Cattle die and kinsmen die,
thyself too soon must die,
but one thing never, I ween, will die, --
fair fame of one who has earned.


Mikkel will be remembered ...


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