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Kanium Sunday 10th of September OPS Winter Storm by SwordsmanDK

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Unless guys protest a lot.  

I think Delta 2 platoon goes on following manning.

D21 / Platoon leader  @Commissar_Martin aka Harry Team Saber UK

D22 / platoon leaders wingman @Hedgehog 

D 23 Lumis wingman @MTLB-CMDR_Finn aka Leafy (FIN) (Maybe) 

D 24  Platoon sergeant @Lumituisku Team Saber (FIN)


we may swap things up yet..   but I am thinking like this because  Harry is really good at listening communication and in tactics and he can chat english with Hedge.

And on second section I can chat Finnish if need be with Leafy.  This time seems that I didn't get anyone else to come and even Leafy isn't certain yet.  

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9 hours ago, Gibsonm said:



Can I confirm who I should be receiving fire requests from.


Is it just the Cbt Team Commander or is it all the Platoon Commanders.


I presume that its not "open house"?


The CO will be leading us, so all requests through him would be my guess. @Figmo42 Doubly so as you can not speak on net.

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