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prob with new update and vista 64


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ok, this is really bugging me. I am on my home built puter,

here are my puter specs:

Intel core 2 quad 2.66 ghz

4095 ddr2 ram

windows vista ultimate 64 bit OS

NVIDEA GeForce 8800 GTS 640 meg memory

driver date 8/27/2007

driver version

When I had beta it would do thie same thing til I had it run in windows xp sp2 mode, but now with the update I get into game and within the first 3 minutes my puter shuts off, no warnings. I tried the compatibility thing, didnt work. any suggestions? could it be the driver? this is the driver i downloaded today. Tried searching forums for same issue, no luck.

ok, rolled back to old display driver version date 4/12/2007

was doing it on that one too

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You could try and run it in fullscreen mode, then use Alt+Tab every other minute to see if something's going on. But I have no real clue here myself, I'm just suggesting random experiments to see if they produce a promising lead.

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thanx, will try that out. dont know why it overheating if it is, got like 4 fans on the dang system itself LOL

Woah. just ran the speedfan. lot of flame icons guess gonna have to get me some more fans :(

Ahh ok. I did a search on the problem, a couple of things came up. One could be the video card is overheating. Check to make sure the fan on the card is running. The other was your driver could be broken. Here is the newest one Apr. 02, 2009.


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Nice looking MB. Forgive my endless questions please, but I was wondering do your fans plug into the MB or plug into the PSU plugs? If they plug into the PSU, could be the reason for the flame icons as the monitor software can't read those. It can only read the fans plugged into the MB.

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Did a search on your problem. Recieved some interresting information when I typed in: "msi p7n sli platinum shuts down while playing a game in full screen mode" seems last year that the NVidia NForce 750 series chipset was having some video corruption problems last year, you can go to the nvidia website and download the chipset drivers and see if that helps some.


Also found this website


that talks about the chipset overheating and someone gave a few other links that might help with that.



Hope the sites have some information that might help. :)

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OK, update. checked graphics card fan, was working, took a fan out of old puter that was above grapghics card, and put it on this one where it is below it blowing air onto it. So far seems to be working. Hopefully will keep working, it been running now for good 7 minutes, 5 minutes longer than it has lasted before, and still going. letting it play through whole scenerio to see if it will stay working. looking good so far.

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