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Here's a report from a user who had problems starting the 2.460 installer under Windows XP. Apparently the wonder of Data Execution Prevention protected him from installing SB Pro PE. If you have a similar problem, here's a summary of what to do:

  1. System Properties to Control Panel to Performance and Maintenance icon to System icon.
  2. At System menu, click Advanced tab and at the Performance section select its Settings tab.
  3. Then select Data Execution Prevention tab. The change selected statement to "Turn on DEP for all programs and services I select". This action will open or turn white a panel box. At its base select Add. Find the executable for Steel Beasts Pro in the CD Drive and on the CD. Select the highlighted feature for the .exe file and close the operation.
  4. Reboot the system. Select the Setup.exe which had been designated during the DEP"capade". The installer will setup and RUN. Yes, this works. Old files and folders were removed, then new ones added, ending with the CodeMeter software update. Once running, the entire install process for the CD took about three minutes to complete.
  5. Of course following this success, return to the DEP panel and move the selection back to its original state if not monsters and demons will destroy all personal files and whatever in your computer as warned by Microsoft upon initiating the DEP reconfiguration process.
    I believe I had a successful conclusion. Yet your setup software is not the same as the original installer for the base game. The update appears to include an encryption that a "normal" XP SP3 will not authorize to install unless one seeks to "see the elephant" to attempt success.

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