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Clownworld UAV Threadjacker thread

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The day the game adds "good" drones is the day it becomes clown world. Drones simply don't add anything to combat. They are killed by rifles easily. 


Look at losses from the Indochina war. It's very easy to kill jets with rifles. Drones are a non factor in real life. If added to the game they would just die of anti aircraft fire immediately and accomplish nothing.


Some high capability UAV are fine as they are the same as the aircraft already in the game. Drones, no. They are either completely useless or overpowered and it's like adding adding civilians throwing rocks at the tank. There are no useful combat value to drones, except for reconnaissance, but the aircraft in the game already see the entire map. 


If drones are added and the tanks don't shoot them down then drones will just dominate the game and make it unplayable. 

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4 hours ago, Mirzayev said:


You know there are multiple drones already in Steel Beasts, right?


Yes and they mostly don't work or can be evaded without firing at all. The AI also doesn't make an effort to shoot them down, as a human I can kill them fast.


Drones would be effective in large numbers. In reality they are produced to send one or two at a time and aren't that effective. 

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40 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

We have drone swarms in game....It was added in 4.1.


It requires scripting but the capability is there. 

I'm not familiar with this yet. Can you explain how the swarm features work?


Obviously if the game becomes dominated by drone swarms then all the tanks will die and drone spam becomes the rule in the scenario it is used.


I assume there is a lot of simplification in how this is handled as my laptop can't handle hundreds of drones on the screen.


In real life drones are not available in large numbers that would be useful. You can mount an RKG on a Mavic and get a precise tank killing drone. However only about a million mavics were ever made, a fraction of those can be used, and infantry will kill most of them. A swarm of 1,000 drones is pretty difficult to do. 


There might be a specific situation where you send 1,000 drones against a few tanks and the drones win, but overall drones aren't available in adequate numbers to overwhelm a tank. The drones in the game right now lack the precision to even be effective but if you can tell me how to build a proper drone swarm i can implement it and see how many drones it takes to kill a tank. 


The original question was whether drones can spot artillery, and of course they can, but that isn't a new capability. Drones are on par with ww1 artillery spotting balloons if that is their only capability. 

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19 hours ago, ingrahammark7 said:

They are killed by rifles easily. 






Drones simply don't add anything to combat.

...and that one's even funnier

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