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I thought it might be a good idea to start Social Media thread about good online individual sources for military/armor knowledge on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

To help those in the know, and moreso rising 19abcdefghijk fans, to know where to go for good armor and armor related sources of info.


This occurred to me as I'm watching The Chieftan's YouTube channel as he explains the new 19Charlie designation and the reorganizing of Bradley platoons into 6 tracks per....

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In using social media, especially for my business in the niche hobby market, I've learned the importance of identifying and engaging with content that resonates with my target audience. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook have been instrumental in helping me connect with communities interested in specialized hobbies, similar to the military and armour knowledge niche you mentioned.


My strategy for enhancing my social media presence involves content creation and learning from successful methods used by others in similar fields. That's where I found the AdSpy tool particularly useful. It allows me to analyze successful advertising campaigns and content strategies within my niche. This insight helps me adapt and create content that is both engaging and relevant to my audience. 

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