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4.379 New (added in 4.3) UASs


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Is there documentation somewhere on how to use the new UASs (Libelle, Switchblade, etc.)?


I've trawled the manual unsuccessfully.


The Wiki has some detail but starts with a mass of buttons that "may or may not apply" to individual types.


I'm looking at the Libelle specifically and I have no idea how to launch it (as opposed to deploy it). I can deploy it, and then plot a route for it but is that the correct way to "launch" it? Going to F3 and hitting "Z" also seems to make it take off.


SpaceBar and Shift + T don't work.


I suspect I'll need to do trial and error and then build a scenario for others?


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Found it.


Plot a route on the map then return to F8 and you'll see an extra icon at the bottom of Mission Control.


Next, I tried the switchblade - happy to launch and give a route to, but in manual mode it refuses to stop / loiter - no idea how to target while traveling at over 100Kph.


I'll start building this Tutorial "UAS Range" scenario.

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  • Gibsonm changed the title to 4.379 New (added in 4.3) UASs
20 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

Terry made a UAS user's manual for ADF members.

We'd incorporate it in a future SB Pro release as a supplemental document. But maybe you can get it from him already.


That's probably Crown Copyright - since he no doubt made it with ADF resources and while being paid.

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4 hours ago, Ssnake said:

I think he wrote it after retiring. We also have documents from you, right? Wouldn't that be a similar case?


No because:


1. Used SB Pro PE as the reference.


2. I did them on the weekends / my free time.


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