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Avatars and Signatures

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Some of these questions may sound stupid, but:

  1. Does it contain pics? If so, are they the right format?
  2. Does it contain more than the maximum number of allowed images?
  3. Did you remember to hit "save"?
  4. Does the sig display on the "Edit Signature" page?
  5. Does it contain an animated gif? (Not allowed.)
  6. What does the text from your "Edit Signature" dialogue look like?

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Just posted a message, and found that my signature image was duplicated, as you can see below. After 30 minutes of so of trying to remove one of them, no luck. Any guidance would be most appreciated. TIA! B|



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I had that problem at one point, too. I think it's related to the fact that, when adding an image to any post, if you insert the image into the post it shows up twice. The solution that works for me is to delete everything and just attach the image. Adding images to this forum in general seems kind of buggy. I don't know if it's possible, but if the admins could make it so that attachments only show when they're inserted (or maybe like the old forum where only a thumbnail was shown at the bottom), that would be great.


As it is, it seems impossible to only have one copy of an image within a post. This makes it difficult to have text, then an image, then text, another image, etc. (For example: if you want to add captions to a series of images.) You always seem to end up with duplicate copies of each image at the end of the post.

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