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So how's the AI in the update?


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Reckless driving over ridges has never been a problem if you created the battle position about 200m before the unit reaches the ridge. It will then approach the crest driving forward until they have a line of sight to the desired spot designated with the round ball in the middle of the observation arc.

As far as actual improvements are concerned, I think the vehicles behave better now in proximity to water and small obstacles.

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Ok, sounds good with the water!

Been a long time since I played, but I just remember something about people always recommending using the Hold command instead of Defend (Was it called "Defend"? I mean the one, where you press E, and the unit goes into that mode). Because of when you where in defend-mode the tanks would get themselves killed in no time. They exposed themselves too much to be trusted the Defend-mode. So usually I always used Hold, and then manually drove the tank up to the ridge to peek.

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