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Problem launching SB Pro PE


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(EDIT - Read the first post incase you are experiencing a similar problem, and I have since posted the resolution directly below in #2).

Hi guys,

Very strange this, but when launching SB PRO PE (latest version 2.460) nothing happens for about 10 minutes then it springs to life and loads as normal...

Up until yesterday it launched immediately, and has done since I received it.

I've rebooted and its the same, each time it takes AGES to launch. Once I had a similar error that Vacquero received in his post (only once though):


However, I too have the latest DirectX, drivers etc. As I say, it was working perfectly well yesterday (doing the UAV testing), but today its not behaving. Very odd.

Rebooting makes no difference, and there is nothing appearing in the event logs to point to a system problem.

Any ideas?

I'm running on a laptop, Windows XP Home, 4GB memory, 512MB graphics etc. The game runs very smoothly on this system and only really suffers FPS hits when there is a lot going on-screen, but other than that it holds 45-60 most of the time. I can't see it's hardware or driver related.



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Here's the fix!!

OK, if anyone else should experience a similar issue, my antivirus (ZoneAlarm Suite) identified a legitimate Windows file:


-as a trojan virus, quarantined it and attempted a deletion.

Checking through the AV logs, I've identified the timing - and they match. Microsoft have since released an update (although I already had this), you have to download it again, install and reboot.

It's KB article: KB956572

Microsoft Download Centre Link (showing all OS versions):


After installing and rebooting SB PRO PE started immediately each time I tried it!! :)

Pain in the arse quite frankly, and a few guys on the ZoneAlarm (and other) forums have been hit badly by this.

Hope the information helps someone.


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Hyper-sensitive personal firewalls are probably more of a liability than help, and in any case they only feed paranoia. If you are behind a router and have that configured properly, a firewall hardly offers additional protection against the outside world (it can help to stop installed applications to phone home though). A virus scanner with frequent signature updates (otherwise don't bother with it) can be helpful too. I'm not convinced that one needs more.

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