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Beta: What's the exact function/usage of the new Tacticts graphic?


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The approximate function is to modify the exact positioning of the battle position to obtain hull down firing positions against the Selected point.

The current colour indicates whether a line of sight can be directed to the general area from the battleposition.

Setting the range longer or shorter than the previously fixed default can avoid problems with units over-exposing to view an unintended area.

Perhaps the most useful function is that the battle facing is more easily manipulated by using the 'dot' than by the old bracket method.

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Well if you set the Point close to the base of a convex topped hill, then you will find that you are positioned to cover e.g. units moving on a road located in the valley, but you will be highly exposed to units on the far side ridge.

If you set the Point on the far side ridge you will be hull down to this area, but won't have eyes on the road.

This is my understanding, roughly speaking of how it is supposed to work, but would be interested in hearing if this matches your experience of use.

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The intended use is this:

  • Forget the LOS thing. I'm not sure it should have been added since it creates false impressions of the purpose of the whole thing.
  • Left and right boundary denote the arc on which about 30% of all observation time is being spent. The smaller the arc the higher the likelihood that targets appearing there will be spotted immediately. It does not denote a left and right boundary of observation and/or fire. Targets outside will be spotted - it may take a bit longer - and engaged.
  • The circle denotes the reference point for hull- and turret-down finding. Before it was always at 1500m which eventually led to overexposure if either your weapon range was too short or if there was a huge dead space in front, e.g. a narrow ravine or a valley.
    This only works in the absence of (known) enemy. Units will still adjust their positions if enemy is spotted or moves to new locations.
    Whether or not line of sight is given is irrelevant. What counts is that the reference point remains in place when a unit will adjust its position on arrival at the battle position. The old rules still apply - put the BP behind the ridge line as the units will start their adjustment routine by driving forward. So, if the ridge line between your BP and the reference point blocks your LOS, it doesn't matter because the unit will still drive forward to find a spot from where it can observe and shoot at that reference point - or its vicinity, should there be a building or vegetation blocking the LOS to the exact spot.

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