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3 Co, 33 Pz Btl Decal Set v1.0


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thanks guys!

Very nice. The last one looks surprisingly like s.Pz.Abt.505 of World War 2 and the top one looks like U-450's symbol. :)

i think they both are supposed to represent them. the subjects i'm working are from a model i have. those tags on the turret bustle identify which platoon a vehicle belongs in (by color). for that, some tend to use a few wehrmacht emblems i've noticed :biggrin: there is also a second plate that identifies which vehicle in the platoon -- there isn't enough room to put them both on (only has a stylized letter and number on it ~ see below). these are the last of those markings, but Einschwein is hooking me up with more material. I'm about to send him a few more to look over then those will be up soon. he sent me a pic from what i think is a panzer lehr btln (modern) with red numbers outlined in white...that'll probably be my next subject.

funny enough, i started a pack of WWII Pz Btl markings... i shelved them to work on this stuff. but, i have about 15 different sets for those guys ;) you'll see um one day -- but, i'll probably release them all as one package.

p.s. the mosquito was the most fun crap to paint -- took me like 5 hours. the swordfish only about half an hour, if that. luckily little knight guy was already worked from the WWII package, so i just needed to move it, clean it up and resize it.


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Red numbers outlined in white... Man, this is way cool! Looked great on my Tiger models, should look awesome on the Leos... :-P

it's not just the numbers... heh. other cool markings too. but thought it was funny to see that theme on a modern Leo.

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Some new "inspirations" for your great looking work


the Plates at the Turret should be in Platoon Color with a simple A;B;C;D 1;2;3 or a nice Garfield ridin´a Dog Cartoon shown here. No Turret Numbers!


What about this one from PzBtl 363


Here is a crest 4./PzBtl 363 for theTurret Back


and here the Buffalo


There is a Version with the Buffalo on the right Mud skirt in light yellow too. 363 uses Turret Numbers following the "Y-Numbers" (License Plates).

So if the Tank have Y- 123 466 the Turret Number will be 466.

One Thing to the Turret Numbers, following our Field Manuals they are flat black. They have to be outlined light gray just over black background. If you see a few Pics with Turret Numbers you quick realize German Army did not ever follow their guidelines ;-)

Hope to see the next set soon, and thx for the good work !!

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hehe, i love that bustle tag. i am registered on your forum and saw the pic of that cool cartoon :) posted a big "thank you" there to ya ;) already downloaded this one and working it.

as for the new subject...awesome! on it.

i didn't know that actual image was still used by a Pz Btl. I have that buffalo already worked into another skin for the 10th PZD (circa WWII). i already cleaned it up and it's super-beautiful. i'll make one for the 363rd too ;)

p.s. you can email me any images so i dont lose resolution from the posts.

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