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Unit names and multiplayer

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I'm a little confused about the sorting of vehicles in the Assembly Area when setting up a multiplayer game.

Take a look at this screen shot:


And the same units in the editor:


Why isn't it 1/1/B, 2/1/B, 4/1/B and then 1/1/C. 2/1/C...etc?



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Company Comander coA

Platoon Leader 1B

Platoon Leader 1C

Platoon Leader 1D

Platoon Leader 1E

Platoon Leader 1F

Platoon Leader 2P

Platoon Leader 3P


Section/Element Leader id-4 1B

Section/Element Leader id-4 1C

Section/Element Leader id-4 1D

Section/Element Leader id-4 1E

Section/Element Leader id-4 1F

Section/Element Leader id-4 2P

Wingman vehicle id-2 1B

Wingman vehicle id-2 1C

Wingman vehicle id-2 1D

Wingman vehicle id-2 1E

Wingman vehicle id-2 1F

(and where present... not in this case though:)

Wingman vehicle id-3 1B

Wingman vehicle id-3 1C

Wingman vehicle id-5 1B

Wingman vehicle id-5 1C

Wingman vehicle id-6 1B

Wingman vehicle id-6 1C

This assists in providing crews to the platoon and element lead vehicles - they are at the top of the list together - if you want to crew individual vehicles in a single platoon then it isn't too hard to find the correct location in the list based on position within the platoon.

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