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Bundes Panzer Battalions Pak 1

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Bundeswehr Panzer Battalions Pak 1

Download Link

I held back until I could complete a full package of decals. i guess it's overflowing now. :biggrin:

Contains markings for Panzer Battalions 33, 34, 63, 164, 203, 212, 214, 324, 363, 364, 383 (GÜZ [CMTC]), and 413. A Leopard2A4 skin in NATO colors is also included.

Each folder contains at least one decal set for each battalion (22 decal sets in total). Images are provided to give an idea of what markings will apply to each file.

All Pz Btl 33 and Pz Btl 214 decal sets contained therein are updated versions (v1.2) with more detail added to the rear ID plates.

Special thanks to Einschwein for helping make these markings more accurate and to the Pz Btl 911 for the inspirational subjects.

Click the link below for a slideshow of screen shots.



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hehe, the knight was easy since i found a good image online. the only probablem was cleaning up the edges, so i made the image on the alpha layer, and painted over it. that cleaned it up nicely. most of the images are made on the alpha layer with blobs of color on the upper layers. if you paint on the layers and use the alpha layer to just expose the image, you end up with a little one pixel white line surrounding every image. that's why all the BN crests have those blobby cap outlines around them if viewed as an image in photoshop.

i think the mosquito took the longest amount of time and patience -- it's all freehand and my reference is about 1 cm x 1 cm in size. so, i had photoshop open, a magnifying glass in hand, coffee -- a few hours later, i was done and couldn't see shit further than 5 feet away from me since i'd been looking 3 inches from my face with a magnefying glass for like 4 hours. wow, can anyone say, "run on sentence"?

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You sure it was coffee you were drinking, Hack?


Either way, need to spend some time sorting my skins out.

I have a yellow and beige M1 at the moment, Hmmm.

I will take a look at your mod this evening, when I can get back to my own PC.

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