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5th January 2008 7pm GMT

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Danish 2 v1.0 - Beta

Made some changes to the scenario to fit Beta, and OpFor is now more random and harder to fight, and some prepared defence in the city.

The setup is :

3 Tanks and 3 APC or 4 Tanks and 4 APC depending the numbers of players.

DM33 Pele and M1028 Canister will be in use. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=11235&page=2 (page 2)

Weather forecast - Winter.

The brifing says :

Reuters News reports that just 72 hours after the signing of the cease fire agreement between the Beer rebels and Beer Forces loyal to the present government. The Beer rebels have violated the agreement by advancing eastward across the Tuborg river and have captured Fort Carlsberg in the heart of the city. The rebel leader Lars Oldenborg has stated that, " We will continue to fight until the Beer Forces relinquish control of the breweries located along the Tuborg river as per the cease fire agreement. Furthermore they will reduce the enormous tariffs placed on all westbound shipments of barley,hops and purified spring water entering the rebel controlled western districts."


a) Enemy:

This morning the Beer rebels broke the delicate cease fire agreement and advanced eastward across the

Tuborg river and now occupy the military district in the city of Højby.

Intelligence has reported that the Beer rebels have captured some armored personnel carriers. They are believed to be older BRDM and BMP-1,s. G2 has also reported that they have secured a significant stockpile off RPG-7,s from the armory at the barracks.

b) Own:

Our BFOR units have been successful at containing the rebel forces in an area west of your position,

The 16th Polish Airborne is underway to dropzone November/Sierra/Echo in an effort to regain

control over Højby and the military barracks ( mapref. 897 402 ) before the civil war breaks out again.

A Company from II Marine Expeditionary Force will land at dropzones on mission start time + 40 min.

Three infantry antitank teams are in position just west off your present location to provide cover as you

advance to PL Wiskey.

2/B ( CV9040B ) and 5/A ( suport units ) will move towards PL Wiskey from the NorthEast when ready, and will be under your command on arival.


Advance through PL wiskey and then continue west towards the city, our goal is to force the rebels to retreat back across the Tuborg river.

You will then locate an overwatch position to provide support by fire to the Company from II Marine Expeditionary Force during their insertion at dropzone November/Sierra/Echo.

Support the Company from II Marine Expeditionary Force move into Højby and the military district.

Our highest priority is to gain control over the armory before Beerrebels can move

the stockpile of weapons back over the border.


At your own decision, but it is advised to advance under cover to avoid ambush.


HE / SMOKE from one 81 mm. mortar section. ( 1 plt of 3 tubes ).



Fortes Fortuna Juvat

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Really enjoyed the scenario, playing only as gunner in a CV90 and having 3 Star (He was TC) getting disabled and awaiting the medic to patch him up before pushing into the field again was pretty cool. Great atmospher.

A small AAR


Sim HQ


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