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Rise of Flight

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Ahh you bastige. Maybe mine is sitting in the mailbox right now about 200m away. The only problem is, it is 103 degrees outside so I have to wait until the sun goes down to make my pilgrimage out to the mailbox and get all the mail that has been stacking up for the last few days.

I heard it was good; it MUST be a good game if it comes with a printed map!

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RS, you're about as cool as a fixed wing pilot can get.


I second that :biggrin::luxhello:

By the way I love games that come with printed map and manual and keyboard layout. Usually they are good ones.

I still have Falcon 40 original box and maps plus Silent Hunter II maps and others.

I think I will give a try to this Rise of Flight Sim. Looks promising

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I just heard from neoqb and they are aware of the issue and fixing it. Not ETA yet, but should be soon.

Apparently they aren't asleep over there, as I had a feeling they weren't. I just wasn't given their late night battle plan so I assumed it wouldn't be instant. Turns out they are indeed on watch.

Everything will get patched up very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


From simhq thread regarding the subject:


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Well, I've flown. I can say that it played much smoother than I expected. And the graphics options go down very low. So some that think they can't play it might have a chance.

My spec's

AMD 4800X2

BFG Tech 8800GTS 768mb

3Gb Corsair memory

Microsoft Xp

Its too early to say much more about it. Only played it for an hour or so. I will say that the single player campaign locks up on me.... But single missions work. Also there are only 2 flyables, Spad, and this Folker yada. These screens were taken with pretty high settings that I'm still playing around with.



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Ok, I've had some more time with it. Love'n it! Plays smooth as silk with my current settings, only thing I had to turn down was land geometry. Which seems to have the most effect on the game. Medium works well for me, and it still looks good.

I'll get this out of the way right now. This game has the best flak, and arty effects I've ever seen in a game. Amazing. The sounds are top self as well. And all around, its level of immersion is very high. The complexity of the AC is a bit less than I expected. More IL2 than Black Shark. Which some people will like, and others not. Only 4 basic controls for the engine. ON/OFF, Radiator OPEN/Close, Fuel Rich/Lean, Throttle.

Some bugs with server, campaign, but I can tell I will be playing this one for some time anyway.

Some pics from my recent tour.

I found a train! Cut it behind the tender with guns. Shot one of the cars up. The loco keep going. So I keep shooting it :D


And he popped after most of my ammo.


The Front is pretty awesome, arty, flak, feels like a wars going on down there. Look at the dust cloud over it.


Citys render smoothly. I didn't notice any frame drop at all, was amazed by that.


Still a lot of things to test/try. So stay tuned.

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Here is my first kill. Notice my propeller not spinning, so I crash landed shortly after that --but he crashed first! I am sure I had something to do with it.

A couple of words to save people some trouble:

If you have ATI Radeon with Crossfire, don't turn on Crossfire. It runs faster with it turned off. This is one of those rare games that apparently doesn't work well (for the time being) with how Crossfire handles the scene rendering. On a positive note though, once I figured that out I turned all the details to max and frame rate was probably in the 50-60 range (ATI Radeon 4870).

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Didnt know of this one, looks pretty good, and could be a classic. Will wait on further reviews etc, and no doubt some improvements/patches in the near future, looks interesting, will put on my possible list.

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The sim could be a classic but according to many of the posts over at SimHQ it is a potential diamond in the rough. Basically a $40 demo. There is a war going on over there between those who want to support it and those who think it is a turd in the rough.

Personally, I'm glad I held off. Learned my lesson I guess with that POS T34 vs Tiger junk. I'll wait and see how this thing develops.

Beautiful screens RS.

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