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ATGM-team TIS?

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Testing an ATGM and RPG armed squad side by side in poor visibility I noticed the RPG reported contact first and destroyed rather more of the over-running T72 than the ATGM team did.

ATGM tested Javelin, Milan, TOW2.

Visibility ranges 10, 20, 50, 100m

ATGM would only engage at 100m visibility.

HMMMW also doesn't seem to use TIS on TOW missile, but M901 does.

BRDM2-AT doesn't seem to use a TIS within SB.

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ATGM's usually have a few hundreds of meters of min. range (regardless of weather) due to operation related limitations , unlike RPG's and the sort, with a few meters (about 10) of s&a mechanisms.

under heavy fog TIS allows for visibility of few hundreds of meters as well (thermal radiation is being dispersed in the humidity), reducing ATGM systems efficiency greatly.

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But once visibility is high enough to see beyond min range, the TIS equipped ATGM should have an advantage over non-TIS equipped rpgs. Right now the infantry/truck ATGM is limited to daysight only.

Compare a M901/M966/TOW atgm team in poor visibility against the same advancing force to see the difference.

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