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Problem to change amunition in BETA


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Hello guys I have a problem to change amunition in the CV90s, I used the keys: Insert, Del,End,Star,Pag down and up , in the Beta and I can not change the ammo in the CV90 like in the standar version I use this keys and the ammo change in the Beta that keys dont work, what I can do to fix them??

Thanks in advance.

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Hmm, in the CV90 you can select a different ammo feed from the gunner pos'n.

However, the guns are typical of muti-feed autocannon, and the ammunition selection occurs on the next round to be placed into the loading path. The next round to be fired will be the one in the feed star which will be the previously selected type, with the new round type being the second round fired.

(At least this was how it was working with the immediately previous version - still the case in B370)

Ins selects ammunition rack 1

Del selects ammunition rack 2

Home selects ammunition rack 3

<Shift> Ins reloads ammunition rack 1 (to a max of 8 rounds)

<Shift> Del reloads ammunition rack 2 (to a max of 8 rounds)

<Shift> Home reloads ammunition rack 3 (to a max of 8 rounds)

in addition there will be one round loaded into the gun from the last fired ammunition rack, unless the gun has been fired in the 'clear last round' mode. This fires the round from the loading star, even if there isn't a round available in the currently selected rack to replace it.

The downside to this mode is that it takes much longer to reload the gun than 'normal' - I haven't tested to see whether this is much longer to 'select' a rack as well as to reload the current rack, but it should be.

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Part of the gun... A four(?) toothed star shaped solid prism that forms the final feed portion of the gravity feed. It receives each round into one of the slots in it's surface before guiding them around to the loading position in time with the gun's action ready for the next loading cycle.

And after that, I'm sure its still as clear as mud...

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