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BMD 4 youtub video

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It´s a BMD so what ?

now it has more stuff to break on it (all those big sensors on top of the turret...) if you don't get a first hit kill. ;) has low-rider abilities now too. that way it can blend in on the streets of Los Angeles or Houston. mute really helps that video. i wonder how far up/down this vehicle is on the_Lust. sounds like it's pretty high up on Gary's. :biggrin:

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What amused me is the poster description that states it can withstand "30mm AP and double charge ATGMs" and is the "king of the modern battlefield". From the looks of it, if someone believes that, they are likely to be fatally surprised one day...

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It ain't what she's got under the hood, it's the presentation that gets my attention.

it really is a good video. ;)

aside from the music, of course. but then, some people might actually like that.

we are due for a new REDFOR vehicle aren't we?

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