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Mixer platoons


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I won't rule out anything if we're talking about a long-term perspective.

But we wanted to add in the capability for heterogneous units as quickly with as little delay for other necessary work as possible. This was the quickest solution. User interface work takes a comparatively long time, and especially in this case it would also require additional work on some procedures more or less deep in the code, making it a potentially very time consuming exercise.

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I've spent a bit of time experimenting with the mixed platoons, and perhaps I'm doing something wrong. But this seems like a good thread in which to raise the issue.

I'm trying to form a heterogenous three vehicle platoon with a tank w/mine-plow as the platoon leader and apcs as the two remaining vehicles. If I can get it to work, hopefully I can get the entire platoon to follow a breach route through a minefield.

My ultimate intentions notwithstanding; once I break down the platoon, reset the wingmen as apcs and then rejoin them to the tank platoon leader, when saved, one of the apcs becomes the platoon leader and the tank becomes a wingman. I've tried several variations including four vehicle platoons with plow tanks as platoon leader and platoon sergeant --- in that case, when saved, the apcs swapped position and one of the BMPs ended up with the mine plow. I have noticed when these swaps occur that the map symbol changes to reflect the nature of the platoon leader's vehicle.

Is there a hierarchy in hetergenous platoons that determines which of the vehicles becomes the platoon leader, and is there a way to force one of the vehicles into that position?

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